Timmy's Brown Bag

451 Main Street, #10 | 530-303-3203
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Mon-Fri – 11am-3pm
Sun – Closed

Timmy’s Brown Bag is a tiny, crazy sandwich laboratory.  Exploring the world between a couple of pieces of perfectly toasted, buttered bread. You will travel timelessly from country to country. Eating stuff grown right down the street alongside other stuff from halfway around the globe. Your journey could include LARB GAI with super crunchy honey roasted coconut peanut sauce, nam pla shallots and  sambal oelek mayo or FRIED BOLOGNA Mortadella with Pt. Reyes Toma cheese,  smashed up green olives and  honey pistachio aioli or shabushabu  Miso Marinated Chicken salad with fresh  KIMCHI and SPAM or Pulled Pork al Pastor with Chili Morita Mustard Marmalade, Havarti and Yucatecan marinated sweet onions or CAJUN MEATLOAF or pipián verde Turkey Salad  with fire roasted corn, Hatch green chili, pepitas and RUSSIAN KOREAN CARROT SALAD.  And don’t forget the TRUFFLE TATER TOTS!

Chef Timothy Swischuk began his career as an architectural designer in Los Angeles then continued as a professor of architecture for more than 15 years.  He then decided to go to culinary school. That led to a 7-year career as a chef in Napa Valley.  Then for some reason he decided to open up the world’s most important sandwich laboratory and decided Main Street Placerville is the perfect, most welcoming place for these crazy one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before, super-tasty-delicious sandwiches!

Welcome to Timmy’s Brown Bag!

Timmy's Brown Bag outsideTimmy's Brown Bag outsideTimmy's Brown Bag insideTimmy's Brown Bag insideTimmy's Brown Bag owner, Timothy SwischukTimmy's Brown Bag insideTimmy's Brown Bag inside










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