Randolph Jewelers

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Tue-Sat – 10am-5:30pm
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The Oldest Jewelry Store West of the Mississippi

Randolph Jewelers is the oldest jewelry store west of the Mississippi! Founder F. F. Barss of New York City crossed the isthmus of Panama and arrived in Placerville in 1852 during the gold rush. He opened the jewelry store that would later become Randolph Jewelers.

The store has survived the Civil War, the Great Depression and the Great Recession and even burned to the ground three times—the last in 1891 when it moved to its present location.

Four families have owned the store over its 160-year history. Barss and his son ran their business on Main Street until 1922, when it was sold to N. H. Burger. Burger, and later his son Leo, continued on until 1946 when they sold the store to William Randolph, who operated the business until 1981 when he sold it to current owner Charles Stephens. Mr. Stephens chose to retain the Randolph name because of its association with quality and integrity.

Randolph Jewelers is known for excellent value in quality jewelry and friendly, knowledgeable service. Combining cutting-edge design with old-fashioned service, Randolph’s provides today’s fine jewelry customer with a pleasurable overall experience.

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