Canines on Main

416 Main Street | 530-647-6248
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Tue-Sat – 9am-5pm
Sun-Mon – Closed

Jennifer Nixon owns Canines On Main, which is a full service grooming salon and pet spa. Jennifer has over 20 years experience working with and grooming a variety of animals,.Her experience ranges from preparing a horse for a horse show and directing a pig around a ring in 4-H with nothing more than a cane to leading an 800 lb steer around a ring at 12 years old.

Jennifer has had to come up with some pretty creative ideas to urge these rather large animals around that are more than 10 times her weight in some cases. Force was not an option! Jennifer has taken those same ideals that she developed with farm animals and incorporated those into Canines On Main.

At the shop, Jennifer and her staff pride themselves on compassionate handling, a cage-free environment and only using products that are natural, safe and environmentally sound.

Canines On Main believes in the philosophy that what may work for one client may not work for another. They modify their grooming techniques to cater to each individual client, from grooming an older dog on the floor that has difficulty standing to holding a puppy in their lap to comfort them because they are afraid of the clippers. The shop offers socialization and skin therapy, as well as thoroughly checking their clients over for stickers, lumps, bugs and any other abnormality and then discussing and showing their client’s owners what they have found.

When you bring your beloved family member in to Canines On Main, you can rest assured that they will be handled with the utmost love, respect and care.

So, give Canines On Main a call or stop in to check them out—they would love to meet you and your beloved pet!

Canines on Main outsideCanines on Main owner, Jennifer Nixon and a client!Canines on Main insideCanines on Main insideCanines on Main insideAnother happy Canines on Main critter!